Africa Deluxe Tours A lone cheetah at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve.

About us

Who are we

Africa Deluxe Tours (Afrilux) is a South African based business, run by members of the Smuts family. The directors are Mike (ii) - Managing Director -, Mike (i), Yvonne and Jaco. Our combined experience cover management, administration, financial management, human resources, communication, media, computer and internet technology. Added to this, we have first hand knowledge of Southern Africa. We are destination experts and travel extensively in the region. We are intimately familiar with the demographics, history, cultures, fauna and flora of this part of the world.

In operation since 1998

We started operating tours in 1998 and have since successfully rendered top class service to thousands of clients, ranging from individuals and families to groups of more than 60 people. We have operated tours for various international agents, as well as for individuals from across the world. Initially we concentrated on providing custom designed tours according to the specific requirements of clients. Lately, we have expanded our services to include a large variety of package tours - which offer great value for money.

Professional affiliation

We are affiliated to the Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA), the professional body of tourism related service providers in Southern Africa. Enquiries about our professional and financial credibility can be directed to SATSA ( Our membership No is 780.

Our expertise

We have excellent knowledge of the region where we operate and conduct regular research trips to stay up to date. Africa Deluxe Tours is able to assist clients with itinerary design to meet their specific interests and budgets. In addition to our own expertise and capacity we have a network of service providers and associates in the industry that enables us to provide the best service at the best price.

Our clients often comment on our ability to share the complex history of South Africa with it’s diverse population. It leads to an appreciation of the miracle of the transition to the “new” democratic South Africa.

The cost of our services

As tour operator we receive preferential rates from our service providers. Thus we can price tours at a rate that is either equal to or less than the cost of doing all arrangements yourself. Afrilux saves you time and effort, while enriching your tour with local knowledge, expertise and on-tour backup.