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Speciality tours

Can you put together a tour for … wildlife enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies, a choir, golfers, church, photographers, sport fanatics, academics, etc.?

Yes we can. In fact we excel at it. We operate various kinds of so-called ‘special interest tours’ on request. Name your area(s) of interest and we’ll organise for you to focus all or some of your tour on your chosen topic, whether you’re a single individual or a large group.

A speciality tours example - choir tours

Currently our most popular special interest tours are choir tours. With choir tours we typically arrange for concert performances, joint performances with reputable South African choirs, workshops on African choral music when requested and of course touring the highlights of our region. These tours are highly successful and popular as there’s no better way to connect with people from other cultures and backgrounds than through a shared passion, in this case choral music.

Your dream tour = your preferences + our superior local knowledge & experience

We specialise in designing custom tours for our clients, a.k.a. ‘tailor-made’ or ‘bespoke’ tours. To enable us to design the perfect tour for you please fill out and submit the form below. Once we have a sufficient picture of your requirements and preferences we’ll design an itinerary or propose an existing tour that may meet your requirements. You will be under no obligation and we’ll gladly adjust the proposed itinerary, repeatedly if necessary, until you are satisfied with it.

...and you get great value for money

As always our tours are mostly priced below public rates, or at worst at the public rate. Thus, if you were to do all of your tour arrangements yourself (research, bookings, payments, etc.), your tour will not work out cheaper than what we will charge you - in fact our tour price will mostly be below public rates because as a tour operator we have access to preferential rates. You also gain the advantage of a simple one-stop solution (Africa Deluxe Tours) and the huge time savings associated with that.

We’d love to be of service to you!

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