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Union Buildings

The Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa, is home to the offices of the State President and the Department of Foreign Affairs. These imposing buildings were originally designed by Sir Herbert Baker for the recently founded (1910) Union of South Africa.

From 1899 to 1903 the two foundling boer republics, the Orange Free State and the "Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek", were at war with the mighty British Empire. At that stage it was the most expensive war Britain had ever fought. Ultimately the two small boer republics had to succumb to the overpowering might of the empire. As a result the two British Colonies, the Cape Colony and Natal were united with the two Boer Republics to form the Union of South Africa. The big debate was where the capital for the new state should be. As a compromise it was decided that Cape Town would be the legislative capital, Bloemfontein the judicial capital and Pretoria the administrative capital. The Union Buildings were then built as the administrative seat and symbol of the new Union of South Africa. Today, Pretoria is still the administrative capital with the Union Buildings as the home of the office and department of the presidency.

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The Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria

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Valid dates: Nov 2016 - Oct 2017

Tour popular attractions in Pretoria, the Executive Capital of South Africa, including the Voortrekker Monument, Church Square, the Kruger House and the Union Buildings. The city was named after the Voortrekker (pioneer) leader Andries Pretorius. It borders Johannesburg to the north.

Highlights: Pretoria , Voortrekker Monument , Kruger House , Union Buildings .

Union Buildings attractions

Visitors listen as their guide epxlains the history depicted in various freezes inside the Voortrekker Monument.


Pretoria is the executive Capital of South Africa. Pretoria was named after the Voortrekker (Boer pioneer) leader Andries Pretorius. It falls under the metropolitan municipality of Tshwane. The debate around changing the name of the city to Tshwane is ongoing (2013).

Approaching the Voortrekker Monument, located on a ridgeline overlooking Pretoria.

Voortrekker Monument

The Voortrekker Monument is situated on a hilltop to the south of Pretoria. Designed by Gerhard Moerdyk, the huge granite structure was inaugurated on 16 December 1948. It commemorates the historic “Great Trek” to the North by Dutch (Afrikaner) Boers in order to escape British rule in the Cape Colony.

A portrait of President Paul Kruger at his former residence, Kruger House in Pretoria.

Kruger House

The Kruger House museum in Pretoria was the residence of Paul Kruger, president of the "Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek". The ZAR was one of the two boer republics that were founded after the Great Trek from the Cape Colony. This unimposing house contains furniture and memorabilia that reflects the lifestyle of the period.