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Kingdom of Lesotho

The Kingdom of Lesotho is a landlocked country, completely surrounded by South Africa as it's only neighbour. The largest part of the country is in the Maluti (Drakensberg) mountains. More than 99% of the population belongs to the Sesotho ethnic group and are called the Basotho. The capital is Maseru and the total population of the country is approximately 2 million. The economy is largely based on agriculture.

The current state of Lesotho was the result of conflict with neighbouring tribes, the Griquas, the Dutch (Afrikaans) voortrekkers and the British colonial powers. The Basotho retreated into the mountainous regions and were successfully united under the leadership of king Moshweshwe. After several skirmishes with the Dutch Boers and the British, Moshweshwe ultimately negotiated a settlement with the British. The country became the British protectorate of Basotholand. In 1966 the country gained independence from Britain and officially became the Kingdom of Lesotho, governed by a democratically elected parliament with the king as ceremonial head of state.


Tours that include Kingdom of Lesotho

The Sani Pass in the Drakensberg Mountains

Duration: 1 days, None nights
Tour Type: City & day tours
Price: R2,465 per person (±US$ 177 )

Valid dates: Nov 2016 - Oct 2017

The full day tour to the Drakensberg, departs daily from Durban and Umhlanga. It includes driving up the Sani Pass in a 4x4 (all-terrain vehicle), entering Lesotho, visiting a Basotho village and enjoying lunch at “the highest pub in Africa”.

Highlights: Drakensberg Mountains , Sani Pass , Kingdom of Lesotho .